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Maintaining Your Peace While Vacationing

In nature, plants are not intended to be in blossom year-round. They go through seasons of dormant rest, which help them to build strength and bear more fruit in their proper season. So, what does this have to do with maintaining peace during vacation? Well, the cycles of nature can serve as a valuable lesson to us all.  

Yes, we may believe we must be constantly productive, but take a step back and reevaluate this desire. Routine and scheduled rest is essential, and often, we intend to get this rest through vacation.  

We may all be guilty of saying something to this effect, "I need a vacation from vacation."  

This begs the question, is it possible to truly rest and recharge during vacation? After all, sometimes planning for a vacation can be the most exciting part of the vacation. Then the vacation arrives, and right alongside the vacation comes the stress and anxiety of being less productive because we've stepped away from work. 

Furthermore, we tend to dwell on all the work building up during our absence.  

Here's where we must be careful and more intentional about our rest and its desired outcome. After all, your fear of missing work doesn't just affect you; it also affects those around you.  

To maintain peace during vacation, here are four simple tips: 

  1. Plan ahead: Schedule the off time with enough advanced notice to allow you to finish most of your important tasks before your vacation. Refrain from starting new tasks or projects just before your vacation. Schedule a rest day at the end of your vacation before returning to work. 

  1. Unplug: Leave your work devices (such as your computer and work phone) at work or home. Set up an "out of office" automatic reply with the contact information of a co-worker who can speak on your behalf, answer questions, or triage the inflow of tasks. Vacation somewhere where there is little connectivity. 

  1. Get help: Ask your friends and family to hold you accountable for staying away from work while on vacation. 

  1. Set the example: Leaders ought to demonstrate the importance of rest. 

Rest is essential for increased productivity; resting during vacation can be a great way to get that rest. However, being ill-prepared to maintain peace during vacation can have the opposite effect, so challenge yourself to these four tips and enjoy your vacation! 

If you get back from vacation and still feel stressed, consider reaching out to the Community Counseling Program or a chaplain.  

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