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How Tobacco Use Affects Your Capabilities as a Marine

You’ve probably heard that tobacco is harmful to your health, but have you heard that tobacco can affect your capabilities as a Marine? Below are just a few things Marines may experience as a result of tobacco use:

  1. Impaired visual performance, dark adaption and night vision- Researchers have found that smokers have slower dark adaptation and lower visual acuity in dim lighting after smoking than nonsmokers.
  2. Hearing impairment- The risk of hearing loss strongly increases in smokers under 35 years old.
  3. Impaired vigilance and cognitive function- Nicotine withdrawal is associated with substantial decreases in vigilance and cognitive function.
  4. Impaired wound healing- Nicotine impairs skin flap survival and increases wound complications after surgical procedures by constricting blood vessels in the skin.
  5. Decreased stamina- Reductions of 5–10 percent in maximal aerobic power and endurance have been estimated in male smokers compared to nonsmokers.
  6. Impaired physical endurance and performance capacity- Smoking impairs strength and physical endurance by exposing the smoker to carbon monoxide, which reduces the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood. Smoking also causes chronic pulmonary inflammation and impairs blood-vessel function, thus reducing the vascular dilation associated with physical activity.
  7. Higher rates of absenteeism and reduction in productivity- Numerous studies have documented that smokers in the military have higher numbers of days of work loss per year than nonsmokers as a result of illnesses.

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