The Single Marine Program (SMP) was established to provide a forum for Marines to identify quality of life ideas and issues along with recommended solutions. After all, change starts from the bottom up. Through participation in the planning and coordination of programs and activities, single Marines have an opportunity to create an enjoyable and rewarding environment for themselves at the Marine Barracks here in Washington D.C.

The Marine Barracks at 8th & I has an established SMP Council that meets at least once a month. The Council is composed of unit representatives from throughout the command as well as the MBW Sergeant Major and SMP Coordinator, The 8th & I SMP also joins forces regularly with the Henderson Hall and Quantico Single Marine Programs to provide an abundance of opportunities for single Marines based in and near Washington, DC.

With the help of motivated Barracks Single Marines, the team works to:

  • Plan events and trips
  • Organize community service projects
  • Resolve quality of life issues
  • Sponsor classes and presentations on topics relevant to single Marines

Activities and events are as diverse as the single Marines themselves. Past SMP activities at 8th and I include:

  • Paintball excursions
  • Trips to big cities
  • Amusement park getaways
  • Sporting events
  • Weekend camping trips

Single Marines also contribute tens of thousands of community service hours each year by participating in:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Special Olympics
  • Adopt a School
  • Beach cleanups
  • Veterans Homes

Many other local organizations and causes benefit from the time and service contributed by Marines who want to make a difference in their community. By sponsoring barracks bash events, voter registration drives, personal financial management seminars, and healthy lifestyles briefs, the SMP impacts programming on base as well.

Motivated single Marines, a supportive command, and Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) staff provide the foundation for a successful program - what's missing is you! Make a difference, get involved!

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